Hayna Gutierrez

  • hometown: Havana, Cuba
  • years as dancer: 13 years (student); 23 years (professional)
  • favourite ballet/performance: Manon/Giselle
  • ballet school: National school of Arts Havana
  • dance companies: National Ballet of Cuba, Alberta Ballet

My Story

I am an artist who likes all manifestations of the arts.  

I am passionate about dancing, and since I was a child I dedicated myself in body and soul to perfect classical dance. However, I have always enjoyed music as much as dance and even a painting has inspired me during my career.  I could say that even a book that I consider to be art has helped me as an artist, to be more creative in some way.  

I consider myself different to many people in the best sense.  Artists in general think and act differently, with a good touch of madness, it is a healthy madness and in my opinion very attractive.


Q: What is the greatest accomplishment of your professional dance career?

 My perseverance and discipline have led me to obtain many achievements in this difficult career.  However I can say that one of the best has been able to continue dancing and have a beautiful career as an artist, as a dancer outside my home country.



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Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching? 

Teaching is as difficult or much more than dancing.  I enjoy both.  I have learned that one of the most important things is to empathize with the student so that they want to follow you in everything you say.  I have danced a lot and beyond teaching a precise technique I want to teach my students the love for what they do, that each movement has a meaning, that everything that is done with the soul is reflected and that is what an artist does  , dance with the soul


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Q: What is the most challenging experience of your professional dance career (and how did you grow from this experience)?

I can say that the biggest challenge was when I was still dancing with the Alberta Ballet.  In June of 2018 I had to have surgery on my right knee, a meniscus tear that was preventing me from dancing at 120%.  In October of that same year, Sleeping Beauty premieres and I play the role of Aurora.  The recovery time after surgery was very short, however I managed to dance and I could do all the performances.  They were difficult moments but once again my perseverance and my discipline and my passion for dance helped me achieve one more goal in my career.


Senior Professional Ballet Educator