Solos & Privates

For ballet students in Calgary who are looking to advance their training, are seeking more specialized instruction, or would like solo choreography developed by our esteemed teachers, we offer solo choreography, and private sessions throughout the year. 


Solo choreography is for students of the H/W school ONLY.

The fee for an original solo is $450.00

This includes 4 hours of rehearsal time plus the choreography itself.

For an existing solo to be set for competitions such as staff approved competitions the fee is: $350.00
This includes 3 hours of rehearsal plus the setting and individualization of the piece.

NO original choreography can be performed once/if a student has left our school without express permission from and rehearsals with the choreographer.


Privates are open to both students from our school and students interested in our school.

*Priority will always be given to students from H/W School of Ballet*

Fee: H/W students: $100.00/hr

Outside students: $100.00/hr + studio rental fee

Note: We will make every effort to pair you with your preferred coach/choreographer but due to scheduling it may not always be possible.

Solo Critiques

want to have the best eyes on your routine?

Whether you are located in the city, in another province, or somewhere across the globe, you can access expert advice from Yukichi Hattori, Galien Johnston-Hattori, and Tara Williamson-Campbell. Use the form below to upload a video for review (using YouTube or Vimeo), provide the link and your contact information, and you will receive comprehensive critiques via email within the week. It’s that simple! The submission fee can be paid once you have submitted your information.